Forms and Guidelines

MOST documents are PDF – please allow a few seconds for downloading. 
Most forms are also available in Word format. Please submit a request to Viv Bateman to receive the forms in Word format.

In response to the Covid 19 situation, we understand that some placements have been suspended and that others have transferred to online/telephone consultations.

·        We understand some students may be delayed in completing courses and placement hours and that this might result in a late submission for the diploma.  No student will be penalised for this.

·        The final case study submission must be based on a client for whom 90% or more of the sessions were face to face.

·         IIP recommends that students do not work with new clients online.  Students who feel that they merit special consideration for completing hours online or via telephone may discuss with their course tutor who, in consultation with the student’s supervisor, and having addressed the following points will make a final decision:

1.      How many hours of face to face counselling have been completed?

2.      What specific training and experience does the student have to show competence in online/telephone counselling? 

3.      What specific support and ethical processes are in place to support a student delivering online/telephone counselling?

4.      Can the student demonstrate awareness of the differences between face to face and online/telephone counselling?

5.      Does the student understand the kinds of risks and ethical issues that may arise in online/telephone counselling?

6.      How will the placement organisation assess the risk of harm for potential clients? 

7.      What are the safeguarding procedures for any clients under 18 years old?

8.      Does the student’s supervisor have experience in online/telephone counselling?  How much supervision will the student receive for doing online/telephone counselling?

 If it is agreed that a student can see new clients online/telephone, the tutor and the supervisor must include a statement supporting this in the reports for the final case study submission.