Alfred Adler

A man ahead of his time.

The Adlerian Society UK Institute for Individual Psychology promotes the understanding, application and development of Individual Psychology and Adlerian Counselling in the UK; Through public lectures, workshops, conferences and professional training

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Adlerian Society UK Newsletter

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Deadline for Submissions is August 31st 2020 

Cafe Adler

Our next Cafe Adler Online is scheduled for Friday, 2pm on 28th Aug 2020. Please join us, via zoom.

If you are interested in joining us please send an email to: 

If you would like to host a Cafe Adler Online, or have a theme for Cafe Adler
please let us know!


The virtual ICASSI started Sunday, July 19th, at 12 CDT, 1pm EDT, 6pm UK, 7pm Germany, 8pm Israel/ Romania/Turkey. Please check your respective time for your time zone. The live screening of the presentations from Monday to Friday will also begin at the same time.

The program:
Week 1
July 19th: Opening of the virtual ICASSI;
150th Celebration of Adler’s Vision, Theory and Legacy presented by Marion Balla
July 20th: Adlerian Concepts apply well in a time of pandemic: social interest, feeling belonging, social equality presented by Eva Dreikurs-Ferguson
July 21st: Social Interest presented by Zivit Abramson
July 22nd: Lifestyle presented by Theo Joosten
July 23rd: Loss and Trauma presented by Anthea Millar
July 24th: Encouragement presented by Yoav Shoham
Week 2
July 27th: Early Recollections and Supervision presented by Rachel Shifron
July 28th: Democratic Leadership presented by Karen John
July 29th: Dreams presented by Gerhard Baumer
July 30th: Creativity and Crucial C‘s presented by Betty Lou Bettner
July 31st: Motivation presented by Marina Bluvstein

Adlerian Summer School

On the weekend of 8/9 August is the virtual British Adlerian Summer School which is 2 days of on-line workshops. The price is £10 per day or £15 for 2 days but must register in advance.

Workshop 1 True Colours and parenting with Suzanne

Workshop 2 Head heart and gut thinking – creating internal cohesion with Betty

Workshop 3 The royal road to success – Is it a bumpy road? with Joyce Callus

Workshop 4 Virtual Encouragement with Janina Bell

About Alfred Adler


If you are an organisational member of the Adlerian Society UK and would like your event added to the ASIIP website, please email 

Training Centres

BAT (Bucks Adlerian Training)

Bucks Adlerian Training is based in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. Offering workshops, Training and library to further your interests in Individual Psychology. Please click on the icon above to find out more..


The Cambridge Adlerian Society training is based at Bottisham Village College in Cambridge. Offering Talks, workshops and counselling training. Please click on the icon above to find out more.


The Adlerian Network of Ireland is based in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary. Offering Workshops, conference and a Parenting Network. Please click on the icon above to find out more.


The Adlerian Society of Wales is based in Narberth, Pembrokeshire. Offering CPD workshops, Entry level courses and Advanced training courses. Please click on the icon above to find out more.

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Cambridge Supervision Training

The next CST Diploma in Supervision, accredited by ASIIP, will runfrom January 2021 to March 2022. This comprehensive training programme is suitable for helping professionals with at least 3 years post qualifying experience, and is designed for those with no previous training in supervision, as well as those with some experience of working as supervisors. 

In addition CST is offering a programme of One Day CPD events presented by those renowned in their field, that will be of interest to all practitioners and supervisors.

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